Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Might Be In Development

Mad Max: Fury Road is an Australian-American movie launched in 2015 with the post-apocalypse as the central theme. George Miller is the writer, producer, and director of the film, but Mad Max had help from Nico Lathouris and Brendan McCarthy for the screenplay.

The leading role for Max is taken by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron for Imperator Furiosa. From the launch, the film was an average hit, and because of that, Miller wanted to produce another two Mad Max movies.

As we mentioned above, the director of the film wanted to do another two movies for Mad Max. One of them will have the name Mad Max: The Wasteland, and the other one will have a simple name, Furiosa. The idea of a sequel or prequel of Mad Max is not new. There were rumors about this from some years by now, and the director even said that in an interview last year. Miller declared that he wants to do a follow-up, but not one, but two films.

We should expect the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel

The director said that he has big plans for Mad Max; he wants to go further with the story in the coming years. It is also clear that if Miller declared this last year, it means that he started to prepare something.

He is in the pre-production phase with the movie, but that’s good news because things are finally moving. When it will all be ready, and we will have a launching date, we don’t know, unfortunately.

In the long run, if the team of production is moving fast, maybe we can see the movie next year or maximum in 2022. About the cast for the sequel of Mad Max: Fury Road, we will see for sure Tom Hardy as Max. From what we know, Tom Hardy has a contract signed for three movies, so this is perfect. Also, Charlize Theron is on the list of the cast because the actress is interested in playing the role of Imperator Furiosa again.