Lucifer Season 6 Will Come Out In The Future, Confirmed By Netflix

A Lucifer season 6 renewal has been in talks even before Netflix aired season 5. Something rare happened in the TV history: a show has been picked up by another network after getting canceled.

Lucifer is a very popular TV series, and Netflix works hard to produce new seasons

The TV show became so popular that, after declaring the final season, they will make a new one. Fox canceled Lucifer after three seasons, then Netflix saved it for season 4. Then they announced that season 5 would be the last one.

Because of its huge popularity of the lead, Tom Ellis, the number of episodes has been increased from 10 to 16 for season 5. Now it seems that there will be the sixth season.

Netflix came with the idea for Lucifer season 6

Right now, the sixth season seems entirely possible, as Netflix offered new contract deals to Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, who are the showrunners. They are responsible for the evil drama. They stated they would stick around if Lucifer gets another season. And now that they have extended contracts, it means that we will get to see more from Lucifer and Chloe. Every important member of this project is staying, so we believe that Netflix will soon order the Lucifer season 6.

The new season will be confirmed soon

Netflix is also in a partnership to order Lucifer season 6. They are still discussing the extension to the fifth season. This means that the fifth season will not be the last one because they are talking about even more episodes. Some people think that they will go beyond the sixth season, and continue with a seventh. Tom Ellis, along with the rest of the cast, will get a new deal from Netflix, which confirms the fact that we are awaiting more than one season to come out in the future.