Lucifer Season 6 Might Be Canceled – Here Are The Details


Lucifer is the story of the dutiful servant in Hell, who decides that he is fond of living the same routine over and over again. Therefore, he decides to visit the Earth in his search to understand better the humans and their habits. The action takes place in Los Angeles. The leading stars of the series are Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Chloe Decker.

The producers of the highly appreciated series, Lucifer, have announced their willingness to shoot the 6th season of the show. However, the preparations might be canceled since a wide range of reasons is determining Netflix to end the show in the 5th season. This is why Netflix has demanded to split la upcoming season into two parts and create more episodes.

Lucifer Season 6 Might Be Canceled

The news stating that the producers are thinking about a new season was quite shocking for the fans. However, they might be canceled since the leading actor, Tom Elis, known in the show as Lucifer Morningstar, has requested a higher salary. Should the negotiations fail, the 6th season of Lucifer is going to be canceled.

Tom Elis has refused to comply with the regulations imposed by Netflix studios, which has determined the cancellation of the show. Leaks are showing that the contract negotiations with the leading actor are not going as planned, even if Tom Elis already had a deal with the studios.

The cancellation of the Lucifer season 6 is very likely as the star of the show is not happy with the arrangement proposed by Netflix. Although many other actors from the cast already closed new deals for themselves, if one of them decides to leave the show, there would not be such an enormous impact on the plot. However, if Tom Elis is not satisfied with the conditions, there cannot be any show.