Llama Antibodies Might Lead To Efficient Medicines Against Coronavirus

llama antibodies

A new study has analyzed the implications of llama antibodies that could help the humanity to fight against coronavirus, as per reports. When creating two copies of an immune protein delivered by Lammas, the product can be used to develop an antibody that has proven its efficiency against the deadly virus.

The researchers’ team is part of the University of Texas at Austin. They are claiming that this discovery could prove to be a highly efficient ion creating an effective vaccine or treatment for the patients. The idea behind the antibody is that it presents a spike protein, the same structure that COVID-19 has, and that causes this virus to be so contagious. The immune protein would be used to lower the spreading of the virus once it reached the patient.

Llama antibodies against coronavirus

The research started in 2016, and it features Winter, a llama living in the Belgian countryside region. The scientists were searching back then a cure for the SARS-CoV while injecting the animal with the virus. In the end, it proved that Winter has managed to develop antibodies against the virus. One antibody, called VHH-72, even managed to stop the virus from infecting the healthy cells.

At the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, the researchers’ team started analyzing the input of these antibodies against the new virus. They soon discovered that this time, the antibodies are not as efficient as in the previous case. Therefore, using some engineering methods, the analyzers managed to link two of the same antibody into one copy that is now able to neutralize the new coronavirus.

The team is looking forward to conducting more research antibodies from other animals such as monkeys, primates, or hamsters, besides llama antibodies. Their principal purpose is to develop a medicine that will be effective immediately after the people are infected with the coronavirus. This treatment would be of great importance for the elderly, being the most affected of all.