LG’s Rollable TVs Come With A Steep Price Tag

While TVs remain quite popular for the consumption of media content, some people would love to have a device that can be stored without taking a lot of space when they don’t wish to use it.

LG has released a new series of rollable OLED TVs and they are quite impressive. There were many rumors related to the series as some thought that the tech, which was showcased during CES 2019, would be too difficult or expensive to use for mass production. While close to two years have passed, the anticipated TVs are now available.

Exciting technology

The devices will be available in South Korea a first as LG’s headquarters are located in the country. While a global announcement should arrive at some point in the future, many potential customers could keep a distance due to the prohibitive cost.

According to a South Korean source, the prospective customers will pay approximately $100,000 or ‎₩116,091,000 for a unit, which is considerably more expensive in comparison to a rumor which argued that the prices will start at $60,000. Since technology seems quite practical and it is now the price is justified.

More than a TV

Rollable devices mark an important step towards the future, as what as once deemed to almost impossible has started to become possible thanks to the development of advanced technology. Flexible panels can be adapted for a variety of devices, and while some versions may have needed more work, the potential is there.

Seeing a rollable LG TV in action is an impressive vista, as someone unfamiliar with the device will be surprised by what happens, and especially by the fact that the screens remain intact. The neat mechanism developed by LG is exceptional, and better versions could be released soon.

It remains to be seen if rollable TVs will become popular in the long run, but they offer an interesting glimpse of what could come in the future.