Legends of Runeterra: Game-changing Updates

At the moment, Legends of Runeterra is the absolute best CCG available on mobile and PC. Months after its initial release, a large portion of the fanbase is still playing the League of Legends card game spin-off on a daily basis. There are going to be even more reasons to play the game starting in June and July because there are quite a lot of updates coming to Legends of Runeterra. These updates include two major new game modes, new cards, seasonal rewards, and an array of cosmetic rewards. Legends of Runeterra players are definitely going to have an amazing summer!

Jeff Jew, the executive producer, has appeared in a video together with Andrew Yip, the design director of Legends of Runeterra. In that video, they explained how the Legends of Runeterra update will be released one month from now. The Gauntlets update is currently scheduled on June 26. All of these new competitive modes are limited editions and will generally run during the weekends. New deck-building rules will be included, in order to encourage players to start theorycrafting, instead of using known and tested builds. The very first Gauntlet, the one that will be launched on June 26, will be a test run, and the standard rules will still be applied. Once the test run is finished and developers collect more information, Riot will add yet another Gauntlet mode, where decks will have to be built with a limit of only one type of card. There will be no duplicates in your deck in the new game mode.

A few weeks after the launch of the first Gauntlet, Legends of Runeterra will release the brand new Lab mode on July 8. Just like Gauntlets, Labs will change the rules of the game and will instead focus on funny, extravagant experiments, rather than having a competitive attitude.