League of Legends Update Brings Novelties and Balance

Together with the Season 10 for League of Legends, we have seen a big change with almost all aspects of our favorite game. From balance modifications to ADC crit item nerfs or additions brought to specific champions to the Rift Herald, Patch 10.2 made many fans happy. But let’s see what are the best picks and builds you can take advantage of today to get an edge in the most popular game today.

Lethal Tempo Ashe – ADC

Despite people expecting the crit item nerfs to affect Ashe (or even her playstyle), Patch 10.2 was a real surprise. Ashe even became more powerful in the lane, so currently she represents a good pick for you. You can enjoy some good damage scaling, as well as an equilibrated utility. Moreover, it’s hard to encounter a bad matchup for Ashe in this lane.

Ap Shyvana – Jungle

Even though it had a previous fall among the players’ preferences, Ap Shyvana seems to be successfully regaining our hearts. Mainly, this is happening because of the current jungle meta favoring the champions who love the power farm.

In patch 10.2, your main choices for AP junglers are going to be Ekko and Elise, but don’t forget about Shyvana as well, which is at the top regarding the win rate. Remember that it’s also easier to play in any match up with her.

Full Lethality Pantheon – Mid Lane

For the mid lane, you might want to check out the Unbreakable Spear. The win rate for this one is 4% higher than on top. With this new conqueror, the Spear is a great asset both in team fights and in lane battles.

To sum it all up, these are just three of the best League of Legends picks for the latest 10.2 patch. Do you have other preferences? Let us know in the comments!