Latest Coronavirus Reports Announce First Death in the US and Other 56 Infected Countries

As the Chinese officials got control over coronavirus, the virus starts spreading faster than believed before worldwide. A lot of respiratory illness, coming from the Chinese region of Hubei back in December, has health authorities on high alert worldwide.

Two months ago, the cause of the disease was identified as a new coronavirus type, called SARD-CoV-2. It has now affected approximately 85,000 people and brought death to over 2,900. Even if it slowdown in China, there are massive breakdowns in Japan, South Korea, and Italy. On February 29, however, the first death was confirmed on the US territory.

First Death in the US and Other Coronavirus Outbreaks Worldwide

Recently, the news of a man’s death from Seattle alerted a whole nation. It is confirmed as the first death due to the Covid-19 infection complications in the US territory. The Washington Post reported on February 26, the first US case of an unknown origin in Northern California. The infected person didn’t come back from another country and didn’t have contact with a confirmed coronavirus case. The next case was reported shortly after the first incident in California.

The origin was still unknown. CDC alerted people in the US to expect anything from now even massive outbreaks, indicating that the virus would most probably spread through the community. Later on, an official statement from President Donald Trump was released. He announced 15 US cases, with a patient in the hospital and the other 14 in recovery or almost fully recovered.

“The No. 1 priority from our standpoint is the health and safety of the American people,” stated President Donald Trump. The situation proceeds to develop, as more details become more accessible. Officials are currently tracing any contact of the ones infected to find out more about possible paths of the infection.