Lady Gaga Bugs: Scientists Named A New Species Of Insects After The Renowned Singer

Many Lady Gaga fans know that the star favored an outlandish style that challenged the status quo and cemented her reputation as an unconventional stylish. A new genus of the treehopper bugs has been classified as Kaikaia gaga, with the name being inspired by the famous artist.

A team of researchers has analyzed more than 1,000 treehoppers for a new study. At one point, the team observed a unique specimen that featured traits that set it apart from the others.

According to a statement offered by one of the researchers, the insect has a supplementary m-cu crossvein on the forewing and an interesting frontoclypeal and second valvulae with an unexpected shape, reminiscent of another prominent species.

Lady Gaga inspired scientists to name a new species of insects

Treehoppers seem to be the most suitable species of insects that could carry a part of Lady Gaga’s name as the creature sport impressive horns and have an outstanding look that makes the remarkable. DNA samples couldn’t be extracted from the insect, but the team plans to reveal the region from which it was recovered, a tropical forest located in Nicaragua.

It was also mentioned that the insect was collected more than three decades ago, and stored in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which is located in Pittsburgh. Horns and other protuberances help treehoppers to stand out or hide, as in some cases, they help the creatures to blend with colored flowers or dead leaves. The sheer variation in colors is quite spectacular.

Insects are classified on the base of several criteria related to head, body shape, number and features of members, the presence of hair, and other factors. Previous research inferred that treehoppers came from the Americas, but it seems that this may not be the case.

Researchers hope to find living exemplars of K. Gaga, which should provide samples of DNA that may be analyzed in the future.