Kingdom Chapter 642: All We Know About the Plot and the Release Date

Fans will have to wait a bit more before getting the Kingdom Chapter 642 chapter since the entire anime and manga industry has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Some of them have been delayed for one week. However, this one is delayed an entire month.

Shin and the other fighters will be made Generals, and a big award ceremony will take place as a reward for their amazing contribution to the battlefield. Here is all we know so far.

About the plot

Spoilers on the internet, all suggest that, in Kingdom Chapter 642, Shin will be the center of the attention on the storyline. He will be promoted to the position of General, and he will also receive a new name: Ri Shin – Ri means plum. The award ceremony will also highlight some other fighters.

Ousen and Kanki will also get a promotion, and they will be made Great Generals, and Mouten, Ouhon, and Rishin will get the position of General, just like Shin. Ousen, Heki, Yotanwa, Kanki, Mouten, and Ouhon will also return to attend the ceremony. Shin will probably get emotional towards the end, remembering his early days of fighting.

The release date of Kingdom Chapter 642 is set on Thursday, the 4th of June, 2020. But the raw scans will probably make their appearance 2 or 3 days prior to the release date, which means that we will get spoilers on the 2nd of June.

There is no official website where you could read the Kingdom manga series online, but keep in mind that the latest issues are released in a weekly magazine. The Kingdom chapter 642 English translation can be read for free on Weekly Young Magazine. But it might be a better idea to simply wait for the official release in order to support the creators.