James Cameron’s Role in Avatar and Terminator: Dark Fate​

James Cameron is a renowned filmmaker, and people love it tremendously. However, according to some, his Terminator: Dark Fate caused a bit of damage to his esteemed reputation. Even though he did not direct the movie, he was incredibly involved in the editing of it and has also taken credit for the twist that has annoyed fans in great measure.

James Cameron’s Role in Avatar and Terminator: Dark Fate

There were numerous fans who reported that Cameron’s role in the Terminator: Dark Fate​ movie is making them less eager to see the Avatar sequels. This makes us wonder if this widespread disappointment might end up being deadly for the long-term plan for Avatar.

There are definitely some people defending him and Terminator: Dark Fate​ as well, but there are more that feel disappointed and are against it. Avatar 2 will probably be a big hit when it releases, even though the reason behind it is simple curiosity.

Avatar was Cameron’s former highest-grossing movie of all time, but this will most likely not repeat since he would probably not be able to please as many people in the following sequels, compared to how the first Avatar movie did. He has already played in Avatar 2 and 3, but the development of the fourth and fifth sequels will hugely depend on how well the third movie does.

The Future Outcome

James Cameron has also stated that he wants to start a new trilogy out of Terminator: Dark Fate​. However, it seems highly unlikely to happen, as many were so unhappy with the last movie of the franchise.

The filmmaker has always been and will always remain in people’s minds a legend, but his reputation might be in danger now. Ten years ago, when Avatar overthrew the legendary film Titanic as the highest-grossing movie of all time, people were sure that Cameron won’t ever disappoint.
Now, we can just wait and see what he will do.