Jack Ryan Season 3 Was Delayed Again

The season 3 release date of Jack Ryan could actually be delayed since Amazon has hired a new showrunner for the show. The political show is based on the books by Tom Clancy, and its last season has come with fantastic viewership.

It seems that Jack Ryan won’t be coming back for 2020, and we will have to wait until 2021 for the third season. Here is everything we know so far.

The TV show will be handled by Paul Scheuring, who is also the one who created Prison Break, among others. He will be the third showrunner after Carlton Cuse did season 1, and David Scarpa did season 2. The fact that they changed the showrunner, typically does not mean that the series gets delayed, but in Paul’s case, he is known to take a lot of time between seasons.

The Reasons Why Jack Ryan Season 3 Was Delayed Again

The reason why Amazon hired him was that the show would look realistic. A lot of critics and fans were not happy with the logic of the second season, and, surely, they do not want to repeat the same mistakes in the third season. Nothing will change, but it would only take longer for the series to hit Amazon Prime Video.

We have heard that the series was renewed for a third season in February 2019. But then, the second season was not even completed. The production and the filming take about a year, and we also need to keep in mind that Amazon has many new shows.

It’s quite challenging to balance the release dates, which is why we won’t get the third season of Jack Ryan in 2020. The filming will soon be starting, and if they end it before the end of this year, we will get a 2021 release.