Jack Ryan Season 3 Might Be Postponed Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

jack ryan

Unfortunately, nobody can command the forces of nature, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is jeopardizing the lives of many people. Furthermore, many events and activities are getting canceled or postponed. The fans of the Jack Ryan TV series should also worry because their favorite show is also in danger because of the spread of the new coronavirus. The upcoming Season 3 might get canceled.

John Krasinski, who is the lead star of the show, is busy with several other projects following the coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, chances are big for the next season of Jack Ryan to be either canceled or the premiere date to get delayed.

Studios are shutting down production

The new coronavirus outbreak has forced studios to shut down productions, and so the filming for Season 3 of the Jack Ryan TV series most probably won’t start in the next several months as it was initially planned.

Another strong hint that Season 3 is getting delayed is that John Krasinski, who is involved in the script, is now busy with other projects such as a new YouTube channel called Some Good News. The purpose is to make the viewers stay at home more so that the general public will be protected against the pandemic.

Short intro for Jack Ryan

As Wikipedia says, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, or simply Jack Ryan, is an American thriller spy web television series. The show is based on characters from the fictional “Ryanverse” which was created by Tom Clancy. It premiered on August 31, 2018, at Prime Video. The series was created by Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse. Cuse is an executive producer alongside Michael Bay, John Krasinski, Mace Neufeld, and others.

One thing’s for sure: the coronavirus pandemic will pass, and Season 3 of Jack Ryan will be released sooner or later. It’s scheduled to have its premiere this year, and we don’t have any further details.