Jack Ryan Season 3: James Greer Will Have a Different Role in the Series

Season 3 of Jack Ryan will start filming soon. We know a lot of new spoilers about the Amazon Prime original series. We expect James Greer (Wendell Pierce) will get a different type of role in the third season.

John Krasinski – Jack Ryan – will get a new partner, and James Greer might be promoted as a CIA officer. He will probably have to sit at a desk and work inside an office. Here is all we know so far.
James Greer will have a different role

The cast of Jack Ryan Season 3

The cast list of Jack Ryan season 3 has not been announced yet, and we still don’t know if Wendell Pierce is coming back for the third season. The character of James Greer had to deal with a lot of trouble in the second season of Jack Ryan when we have captured by terrorists and then tortured. We could all see the physical and mental problems that he had to go through, and he probably won’t be back for field missions in the third season of Jack Ryan.

But the character has been one of the basis on this universe created by Tom Clancy in his books. After what happened in Venezuela, James told Jack that “It’s been a hell of a run, but it’s over.

Time to move on”. This does not mean that we won’t see Wendell Pierce in the third season at all. He will be promoted to a higher position, and he won’t be required to do fieldwork. The books of Tom Clancy follow the same storyline – James Greer is promoted and is helping Jack from behind a desk.

So, when is the release date?

The third season being released in 2020 is kind of improbable, since they haven’t even started to film yet. A new showrunner has been hired, Vaun Wilmott, and he is working together with John Krasinski at the script. We expect the show to return in 2021.