Leads the Fight Against Racial Abuse

The gaming community has mobilized strongly to show support for charitable causes during these difficult times. The indie gaming community did not allow itself to fall behind the corporate one. has a Black lives Matter Support bundle available, which makes a donation for every purchase. The bundle has already raised over 45,000 USD so far. The money go to the Black Lives Matter foundation and to the National Bail Fund Network. The sum is split between these two organizations equally. The games whose proceeds are forwarded to these organizations include 20 games from 18 different indie game developers. Some of these developers include Contigo Games and Starcrossed, which produce action-arcade games.

The Black Lives Matter Support Bundle was launched at the beginning of this week and it raised 5,000 USD during the first two hours. After 24 hours, the proceeds reached the nice sum of 31,000 USD. Contigo Games has then increased the goal of the Black Lives Matter Support Bundle to 45,000 USD, a sum which has already been surpassed.

Currently, there are two different tiers available to purchase for players that want to support these charitable organizations. The 20 USD tier has 11 games, such as We Met in May and Emily is Away Too. The 40 USD tier has, however, 9 additional games for more generous players. These games include StarCrossed, Moon Hunters and Coffee Talk. This bundle will no longer be available on June 17, so players who want to show their support to these noble causes still have two more weeks.

If you want to see the full list of 20 games, you can check it out on the Black Lives Matter Support Bundle page, which is available on The indie storefront has its own fundraiser bundle, which is known as the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. All the proceeds in this fund go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and to the Community Bail Fund.