Israeli Study Suggests Breast Cancer Patients In Early Phases Can Be Treated Chemo-Free

A new study published recently brings forth evidence that women with breast cancer in an early phase can be treated without the need for chemotherapy.

A team of Israeli researchers conducted a study that lasted for ten years, in which approximately 1,300 women participated. The results indicate that early diagnosis can lead to a simpler treatment, thanks to a new grading system for patients.
The research shows that almost 100% of the women that took part in the study didn’t have cancer resurge, although none of them were treated with chemotherapy.

The study was published in the international journal “Nature Breast Cancer.” The scientists 1365 Israeli women who had the two most common cancer forms, ER+ and HER2-, for a decade. All of the participants had the disease discovered in its early stages. 

First, the women had an Oncotype DX checkup, where a grade between one and 100 is given to the risk level of the disease resurging. This is done based on measures of the biological profile of 21 unique genes found within the cells of the tumor. Any patient with a grade of 25 or lower was advised to forgone chemotherapy. Oncotype DX is a molecular checkup that analyzes the tumor tissue during the biopsy and during the surgery to eliminate the tumor.


As it turns out, around 97.4% of the women who forgone chemotherapy after the checkup never had the cancer return. The mortality rate of mortality among the women in the study group was only 0.7%.

This study delivers an important discovery, considering that chemotherapy often has long-lasting damaging effects on cancer patients. One of the most dangerous risks is severe permanent damage to the immune system, which could pose a threat to the patient’s life.