Is There Life After Death? a NASA Engineer Believes So

The rocket engineer for NASA, the one that helped America be the one to first get in space, beating the Soviet Union, stated that he believed in life after death. “The Third Book of Words to Live By” is a book in which he talked about the guiding principles of the universe, which basically confirm the existence of God and the afterlife.

Von Braun stated that nothing really disappears from the universe and that the human soul is immortal. He said that, by believing in the afterlife, people get the moral strength to cope with the entire idea. “In our modern world, many people seem to feel that science has somehow made such ‘religious ideas’ untimely or old-fashioned. Science, for instance, tells us that nothing in nature, not even the tiniest particle, can disappear without a trace.” If we really think about this, we can never go back to what we used to believe. We are talking about transformation, instead of disappearance.

If we are to think about it if God applied this principle to the universe, wouldn’t it make sense that he also applied it for His humans? Braun believes so, and he is also sure that science continuously teaches him how to believe in the continuity of our soul after we die.

The engineer also quoted the US President Benjamin Franklin, who once said that the soul of a man is immortal and that it will be treated with justice in another life, based on what he did in this one.

Von Braun was a graduate of the University of Berlin and of the Berlin Institute of Technology. He is the one who designed the V2 rocket for Nazi Germany.