Is Bloodborne Coming to PC?

Twitter, the internet’s rumor mill, has started spinning up again over the past weekend. Multiple accounts started posing a lot of messages seeming to indicate that Bloodborne is coming to PC and PlayStation 5. As is the case with everything on Twitter, these rumors have nothing official around them. That being said, the rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC were played down as simple rumors as well, but the PlayStation exclusive has actually been confirmed to come to PC this summer. It would make sense for Bloodborne to be next, but let us look at the facts before we draw any conclusions.

All these rumors started when “CaseyExplosion”, a streamer, offered to donate 100 USD to a racial justice charity if somebody was willing to leak some details about any Bloodborne news. Apparently, someone decided to take up on the offer, as Casey’s next tweet was a screenshot of the money being donated to a charity. After that, a thread was started that confirmed that Bloodborne is coming to PC. You cannot find a detail any juicier than that!

The streamer wrote that she is absolutely sure that Bloodborne is coming to the platform. She claimed that she heard the news from an incredibly trusted source, and she has a lot of faith in the company that is doing the port, so the PC version will be as good as the original one.

After the thread went viral, numerous industry experts started to weigh in on the news. Imran Khan, for instance, a former Game Informer editor, tweeted that he does not want to comment on the Bloodborne coming to PC rumors. However, he further turned the mill of rumors by claiming that fans of From Soft, the game company in charge of developing Bloodborne, have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years. Well, we will see what happens!