iOS 14 Leak Hints That Apple and BMW Work At A “CarKey” Function on Future iPhone Models

Apple team is currently in the process of launching for its users a new feature for the iOS 14. This year in February, Apple announced the initiative to replace the actual car keys with an iPhone function. Evidence is showing that Apple is now in partnership with BMW, so this feature will be available at first for this brand only.

Eventually, a press release followed, and the BMW Group proved to be positive about this future plan. They underlined that this innovative approach would probably be the core of other inventions as far as the technical part is concerned. Additionally, they stated that facilitating the access to the car for their customers using wireless technology is a unique feature that they can have above the competition.

The workings of this invention are quite simple. The “keyless” access is provided by NFC (the same feature we use nowadays to pay with our smartphone), which links the portable device and the car. Apple and BMW have already developed their way, which is called The Digital Key Release 3.0.

iOS 14’s CarKey feature is an interesting innovation

Their approach is different than what the competition has thought because users can leave their gadgets in their purse or pocket since they are granted passive access. Therefore, to ensure the workings of this idea, the two companies need to develop a Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband application.

Why the two companies are working together at the moment is no wonder. Apple is the leader in portable technology, providing its users with state-of-the-art features that no other company can do. Additionally, BMW is the first company ever to introduce the wireless CarKey feature.

The iOS 14 Carplay application is going to include the possibility of unlocking the car and to start the engine. This experience needs to be as fast as possible, so no method of authentication will be requested. Consequently, we are still waiting for any further updates regarding this innovative idea.