Instagram Helps Users Cope With The COVID-19 Isolation

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to concern the world, lots of countries decided to go in full lockdown. Many people are forced to shelter away from their family and friends. But, while we’re serving our time in solitude or with our family close, Instagram decided to cheer us up. The company released a feature to keep everyone together in isolation. Such an upgrade comes in a time when some of us might need a change desperately.

Instagram’s Co-Watching Feature Keeps us Close

Instagram is a praised photo-sharing app that proves its functionality in some of the toughest times so far. The app released a feature dubbed Co-Watching. Users can now browse posts with their friends while video calling. If you want to use this option, you’ll have to initiate a video chat with someone and then tap on the picture icon from the bottom. You and your friends are ready to share a new Instagram experience. View your favorite pages, liked or saved images, and recommended posts.

It might not be a massive update, but it still helps us cope with the isolation period. It can be a fun activity while staying home and wanting to be up to date together with your close ones. Instagram supports the quarantine situation and understands people need motivation.

Instagram Also Fights Against Fake News About COVID-19

Instagram has also proved that it supports only accurate information. The app has taken measures to help users understand the real concerns and situations due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you search for “COVID-19,” or “coronavirus” you’ll receive useful information. You’ll also be directed to the official website for important details about the coronavirus. WHO and Unicef are two of the most reliable sources Instagram chose to share updates.

Moreover, Instagram is also banning misleading ads. The app blocks any ad that claims to provide a treatment or cure for the coronavirus. The advertisements which promote the selling of face masks or hand sanitizers are also banned.