Instagram Direct Message Feature Became Available on the Windows 10 App

Until now, Instagram was a mobile-centered app where people could share their photos and videos. However, things are going to changing as the social networking service is now available as a web app too. You can find the web version of Instagram on the Microsoft Store. It also came out with a lot of features that can be found on the mobile version of the app, such as the Direct Message (DM) feature, for example.

Instagram Progressive Web App (PWA)

The Instagram mobile platform is still going to remain at the center of the app. The difference is that the recently released PWA has brought a couple of adjustments to the web program version of the social networking service.

The thing you need to understand about the PWA is that it is not an actual desktop app. It means that the app was created in a way to feel similar to a native Windows 10 app. The Instagram PWA, as mentioned above, can now be found on the Microsoft Store. You can download the updated version of the app, which is Instagram

The recent update of the Instagram PWA will allow you to use the direct messaging feature. A feature that was pretty much needed for the desktop app. Although Instagram developers have been testing the feature for a while now, it is now ready and at the disposal of anyone who wants to update their Windows 10 app.

The PWA means that we are probably going to look at a more stable version of the Instagram web app sooner or later. As a known fact already, the web version also allows you to respond to your friend’s stories with GIFs from Giphy. Little by little, the web platform of Instagram is slowly but progressively growing and expanding its boundaries with new features.