Huge Update Coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The upcoming update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Four Reloaded is going to be an exceptionally big one. It will be an astounding 22 to 30 GB, going up to 36 GB if you are updating the entire Modern Warfare, not just the Warzone mode. Besides, this update will increase the player count of Warzone Quad matches from 150 to 200, being a significant change to the dynamic of the game. In times of social distancing, it sure is good news that a lot of can gather at once.

200 people essentially means that there are going to be 50 teams of four, so a lot of people will be going for the big win the free-to-play battle royale mode of Call of Duty. Personally, the question I find myself asking is whether more players will mean more intense fighting at the beginning of the round, longer matches, or, perhaps, a combination of the two. We will find out all of this and see how the meta changes when there are 200 players tonight, when the update goes live, so at about 11 pm Pacific time.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, because only God knows what is about to go down in those lobbies, the 200-player game modes will not be around permanently. This is simply a limited time mode, as Activision has declared on one of their blogs. For now, we have no idea what “limited” actually means.

Back to the significant download size of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update, the best part is that the overall size of the Warzone mode will decrease after the update is installed. Of course, installing the update will still be hell for anyone that has a cap on their internet usage or simply a slow internet connection, but that is just how it is.