How To Unlock The Latest Marvel Fortnite Skin Easily

The fourth season of Fortnite: Chapter 2 has attracted a lot of players, with many aiming to unlock the impressive skins based on Marvel characters. A new skin has been released, and it can be obtained for free.

Gather a team of players end to enter the Marvel Knockout Super Series. The event aims to celebrate four Marvel heroes, and the first one is the Man Without Fear, Daredevil. Players who compete in the tournament will have the chance to unlock Daredevil and the Nexus War Glider for Free.

The Daredevil Cup

The Daredevil Cup will is designed for a team of three players who will compete in the Marvel Knockout LTM Mode. Players who manage to match the requirements for their region will receive the Daredevil skin for free. Other players will have the chance to obtain it on October 17 when it joins the Item Shop.

It is worth noting that the Daredevil Cup is one of four events that will take place within the Marvel Knockout LTM. Top players will also have the opportunity to enjoy cash prizes as a $1,000.000 tournament is scheduled for November 21.

How to participate?

Players who want to enter the fray will be able to compete on October 13, from 2 PM PST  or 5PM EST. The best way to ensure that you will be able to join the tournament is to visit the Competition section in-game and look at the event.

To win the free Daredevil skin, players will have to finish as one of the top three teams in their region. Players also need the rank of Division 2 in the Arena Mode, which can be unlocked by gathering 250 Hype Points. Even if you don’t win the Daredevil skin, players who compete in the four cups will receive the Nexus War Glider.