How to Turn Amazon Echo Into a Speaker and Improve Your Entertainment Experience

amazon echo

Every time you are forced to turn up the volume of your TV because you are unable to hear the quiet scene in a movie, you definitely think that you need an improved speaker for your smart TV. The good news is that the Amazon Echo device is compatible with your device and Alexa.

Therefore, there are no worries that you may damage your eardrums when a big part is displayed again. The Amazon Echo device is compatible with those TVs that present a Bluetooth connection, and it is not necessary to have a smart TV.

It is essential to place it on a side table next to you, to make sure that you will be able to hear every detail from the movie, without maxing it out.

How to Turn Amazon Echo Into a Speaker With Alexa

To connect your device to the TV, it is necessary to be next to the TV and make sure that both methods have their Bluetooth connection turned on. The nest step is to say “Alexa, connect” and navigate in search of your Echo speaker on the TV.

Keep in mind that not all the TVs might have the same connection procedure, so it depends from case to case. In order to disconnect, all you have to do is to tell your Amazon Echo device, “Alexa, unpair.”

In addition to that, there are several changes that you need to do for your Amazon Echo device to turn on the Brief Mode, which would maximize the movie experience. This comes in handy when you do not want Alexa to repeat everything that you say.

Moreover, if the commercials keep waking Alexa up and mess up the Amazon Echo, you can always change the waking word into something less likely to wake the speaker. You can do this by going into the Device Settings options, tap on your device, and select the Wake Word option.