How to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error With Driver Updates

nvidia geforce experience

Playing games would have been easier if it was not for the updating process of the drivers. Fortunately, NVIDIA GeForce Experience is here to help us. Its purpose is to inform its users about the most recent driver updates that you should install, being only one click away. However, many users have experienced the error message that is not allowing them to launch the program on the computer. Here is how to fix this error.

Why The Error Appears

First of all, it is essential to understand the reasons behind this error code. It can be caused by your computer that is not capable of launching the programs, in addition to this, the problem might rely on compatibility issues, the usage of outdated graphics card drivers or the configuration of NVIDIA application is not done correctly.

How to fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience Error

The first thing you should do is to reinstall the GeForce Application since there may be several corrupted files in your latest version. Press the Windows key alongside the R button and type “CPL”, which will automatically open the Programs and Features window, where you can right-click on the application to uninstall it. Then go to the NVIDIA website and choose the version to your liking, install it and restart the computer in the end.

Corrupted files might occur as well in your graphics driver. In this case, you need to delete your driver files and install the latest version. To do so, search on your web browser, a Display Driver Uninstaller, which you need to download and launch it to the computer while choosing the safe mode.

There, click on the option “clean and restart,” and the application will automatically uninstall all the divers. When this process finishes, restart your computer in the normal mode and open the app to search for the “Drivers” tab. There you will find the Driver Download, where you need to type the required items and start downloading them. To make sure that everything is working correctly, restart your device. That should fix the NVIDIA GeForce Experience error.