How to Protect your Netflix Account From Hackers

Now that we are on lockdown, we have enough time to relax. Of course, some of us have to spend some time working and having online classes; however, we do have more time to relax than usual. That’s why Netflix has become our best friend during the quarantine.

People do like watching all sorts of shows and movies. That means that Netflix’s popularity has increased very much, with over 16 million, creating accounts in just the past few weeks. However, this also increased the number of Netflix accounts getting hacked.

Not all people want to follow the rules when it comes to Netflix streaming. As you know, you need an account in order to access the Netflix content, and in order to get an account, you need to pay a service fee.

Now, there are hackers and cybercriminals in this world that don’t agree with that. These people are breaking into innocent users’ Netflix account. But unfortunately, these type of people don’t stop here. Hackers and cybercriminals are using the Netflix accounts to rob users of their money by stealing their credit/debit card information.

How to Protect your Netflix Account From Hackers

Follow the steps below to find out whether your Netflix account is hacked or not:

  • Log in to your Netflix Id and open the account section.
  • Check the history to see if it contains only the content you have recently watched.
  • Next, check the streaming settings, quality, and locations to find out where the login has been done into your account. Do you see any unknown locations? If yes, you might just get hacked.
  • In this case, you need to log out of all devices. So go to settings option and log out. This way, the hacker will be log out in the process as well.
  • Next, change your password and username. This way, you can prevent the hacker from breaking into your account.

In order to keep your money safe, we suggest you remove the bank information from the Netflix. This is the way to keep your Netflix account protected from hackers.