How to Fix the Apple TV Black Screen

apple tv

Apple TV is connected to your television through an HDMI cable, and it facilitates Internet access for your Smart TV. For you to manage your settings, the device comes with remote control, being an ideal tool to surf through the entwinement content available. The Apple TV box is open for no more than $69.

Even though Apple TV is the perfect tool to enjoy videos, music, apps, or even play games, it can also have a series of disadvantages. The ones already using this device probably have experienced at least once a black screen when connecting their Smart TV to a computer. Here is a list of how you can fix the Apple TV black screen.

Fix the Apple TV Black Screen Glitch

The issue can be fixed by utilizing a third-party tool such as iMyFone Fixppo, which is an iOS remote control for your Apple TV. The only thing that a user needs to do is to download and install the app and click on the standard model. Then, connect your laptop or PC to the Smart TV, and the app will automatically start fixing the problem.

Additionally, before panicking, make a series of investigations regarding the power cord and the HDMI cable. If the status light displays a small view but the display of the Smart TV shows a black screen, look if all the HDMI cables are connected. Another solution might be to change the video resolution of your screen using the remote control.

Furthermore, you can restart your device by pressing the down button and the menu button on your remote simultaneously. Only if you have Siri remote, press on the Screen icon and the menu button for a couple of seconds until the status light flashes off. In addition to this, you can always restore your Apple TV by installing iTunes.