How To Fix Netflix Freezing on Windows 10


As Netflix made the lives of many of us better by providing tons of movies, TV shows, or documentaries, surely nobody likes it when the app freezes on the screen. Like lagging and crashing, freezing is another one of those errors that you need it like you need to have a wrong present at your birthday party.

By reading this article, you’ll learn exactly how to deal with those annoying moments when your Netflix app freezes. It’s pretty easy to fix it if you try several methods one by one!

How To Fix Netflix Freezing on Windows 10

Disable VPN

Your internet and the video streaming may be affected if the server is down. Your PC is routed through a server from another country when you enable your VPN. Thus, you should try disabling your VPN if you can afford to get rid of its benefits. However, this will only be temporary. When the server comes up again, you can reinstall the VPN and also have your Netflix working.

Check date and time on your PC

As funny as it may sound, this could be the solution for solving your problem with Netflix. You’ll have to do the following:

  • On your Windows 10 desktop, type Date in the search box. An automatically Date & Time Settings will pop-up.
  • If your time is set to show itself automatically, you must disable it. For doing so, simply click on the toggle.
  • Click on Set Date and Time Manually

Check your internet connection

It’s obvious that for a streaming service, the internet connection is crucial. You need to see if everything is running at an optimal level. You should first try to reset your connection on modem or router including Wi-Fi. Then you have to reboot your device and re-connect to the internet.

Ultimately, you’ll have to relaunch Netflix and see if the problem was solved or not. At least one of these methods will fix your freezing problem with Netflix in no-time!