How To Find Your Apps in iPhone 11

If you are tired of not being able to find the app you are looking for on your iPhone 11, you are not alone. If you always have to swipe through pages to find what you are looking for, it might be the time to organize your iPhone 11.

Remove so me of your apps

iPhone 11 comes with some pre-installed apps, like Safari browser, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Music. You might have additionally installed some third-party apps, such as social media apps, streaming apps, and so on. Even still, iPhone users use a small number of apps. Users often forget to remove the extra ones.

The first step in-app organizing is to remove the ones that you do not use. To do so, simply press and hold until a pop-up appears, then press the “Delete the app.” Another method is to press and hold, then press “x” so that the app is removed.

Pick the four apps that you use the most

On the bottom of the screen of your iPhone 11, there is a dock. You can put your most-used apps, like Phone, iMessage, Apple Music, and Settings there.

Make some folders

Once you have removed the apps that you do not use, put them into different categories. For iPhone apps, they can be sorted into categories such as productivity apps, photo editing, travel, and social media. This will make it easier to find if you look for them.

The next step is to create folders. Do that by holding your finger on any app, then pressing the “Edit home screen.” After “x” appears, drag an app to another one with your finger in the same category, and you have yourself a folder. You can give your folder any name you want. After you are finished, just press “Done.”