How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Word Documents

One of the most used tools when it comes to creating presentations is Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The software provides an impressive array of special features to create a unique presentation such as image, text, video, and audio support. Should you wish to give handout support for your audience, the best thing you can do is to convert your presentation into Word documents in a readable manner.

Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Word Documents

The easiest and most common method is to use an online converter, and the most renowned software is ZAMZAR. There you just upload your presentation by clicking on the Add Files button. Then, select the type of file that you want your PowerPoint to be converted into and click on the Convert Now button. Once the processing time has finished, select the download link of your doc or Docx file.

If you want to convert your presentation directly from your Windows PC, open the document and click on the File option. There, look for the option Export and select the handouts option that will create a Word document for your presentation.

You can even add a unique space that would provide your audience with blank space to write down some notes. Additionally, click on Paste Link to automatically update all the changes that are made into the PowerPoint to Word documents. After clicking Ok, you will be able to visualize your converted text.

Mac users can convert their presentations from the Mac’s screen File option where you need to click on Export. Then, type the name of the document and choose the Rich Text Format at the File Format option. After that, save your report and open the Rich Text Format document, which will be displayed using Word. Simply save the paper as a Docx file, and your handout is now excellent to be printed.