How To Become Better at Playing PUBG Mobile?

Battle royale titles had become one of the gaming trends in the last several years, and PUBG sure has the right formula for offering the player a great experience in such kind of games. But the PUBG legacy is even showing its wonders for mobile platforms along with the PUBG Mobile title.

PUBG Mobile embarks the player into a world where the last man standing wins. The players get to compete in payload mode, classic battles, 4v4 team deathmatch, and even zombie modes. But as pleasant as such an experience may be, it’s pretty difficult to master the game. However, these are our top tips:

Freefall quickly

To get to the ground faster, you’ll have to push forward on your controller. This will prevent you from drifting down while others are gathering weapons.

Open your parachute early

By doing this, you’ll fly across the map earlier so you can observe the surroundings and plan something. Pop your parachute manually, and you can even drift a lot across the map to a different area.

Avoid the red zone

The red zone is an artillery barrage. Around this area, there are higher chances of getting hit, which is why it’s called a red zone in the first place. However, if you’re in a building, you’ll have an advantage and higher chances of making through a siege alive.

Get the right weapons

You must get your hands on the right weapons in PUBG Mobile if you’re planning for successful gameplay. For instance, shotguns and pistols are good choices when it comes to short-range. You can use SMGs in enclosed spaces when you’re in need of putting down a lot of fire quickly. Let’s not also forget about assault rifles, as they’re good all-rounders.

PUBG Mobile was released in February 2018 after it was developed by the PUBG Corp. and published by Tencent Games and VNG Game Publishing.