Hot Leaks about Google’s Assistant for the Pixel 4

Who says that leaks aren’t a good thing for all humanity? We sure know they are because through them, we found out a lot of information about Google Pixel 4, even before the official release. Of course, not everything we read as a rumor is right, but most of them are reliable sources. The point is that one of the leaks mentioned a change for Google’s Assistant and its way of launching. We are going to discuss this rumor that is coming to reality soon.

Google Assistant for Pixel 4 Will Launch Differently

The launching of Google Assistant will be “raise to talk.” What that means is that speaking with your Assistant will happen only if you are raising your phone and start talking. To not get confused, this feature is not available right now on the new Pixel 4, because everything is in the development stage. What we know what so ever, is that the feature is in phase version 10.83, and we have some information about it.

Also, take note that not every feature we talk about and we are guessing will arrive on the product. Many of the features are in the developing phase, but that doesn’t mean they will be released. But let’s pretend that the feature will be accepted and received by Pixel 4 devices. We will first see a new Lift to talk in your Assistant Setting. For example, you will go to Settings-Apps and notifications – Assistant. If you activate Lift to speak, you must move your phone to your face and say what you wish for.

Moreover, after doing our own test with version 10.83, we have encountered a bug. The Google Assistant must start when you lift the phone, but in our analysis, the Assistant launched at any time the phone was unlocked. The problem seems to be from the sensors, such as gyroscope, accelerometer, presence, and swipe. If these are not working, then the orientation of the phone is lost.

Finally, we are hoping that if Google is going on with this feature, the problems we faced will be eliminated, and a new way of using the Assistant will be more enjoyable.