HIIT Workout Tips For Improved Performance

Researchers are doing their job even when it comes to High-Intensity Interval Training and other fitness tasks that people are doing for staying fit and healthy. So, if you are one of the people who are training with HIIT, then this article will show something that you haven’t known.

The study comes from the Liverpool John Moores University and is talking about the timing of the intervals of the HIIT sessions. Researchers discovered after analyzing various HIIT workouts, and the study is showing the optimal timing for a session of exercise.

The Best Timing for a HIIT Workout Session

First of all, if you don’t know about this method of getting fit, the HIIT represents a small bust of workout activity. That means somewhere between 20 to 90 seconds of high-intensity exercise. HIIT exercises are popular in the workout area thanks to the efficiency of the workout and the duration of it, which is quicker than others.

Second of all, the study is concentrating on the effects that various intervals of HIIT exercises are having on the body. The study gathered twenty-six sedentary men and women to perform HIIT exercises. Two groups were formed for studying two different types of workouts. The first group had 60 HIIT, and the second group had 30HIIT. This means that the exercise has 60 seconds of training with 60 seconds of rest, and 30 seconds of training with 120 seconds of rest. The first group has six to ten intervals, while the second group has four to eight intervals of exercise.

However, after six weeks of HIIT training sessions, the conclusion was that the 60 seconds intervals are more effective than the 30 seconds intervals of workout. The difference between the two groups was at the aerobic capacity, which means that an improve at the fitness capacity is achieved.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, if the HIIT workout is the best option for your lifestyle, the study is showing that a long pause for rest, such as 120 seconds, it’s too long. So if you want the same quick and efficient workout at home, HIIT 60 seconds interval is the most efficient and effective.