Here is the Effect of the Ongoing Pandemic on the Gaming Industry

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has spread all over the world in a very short time, and we have all observed the tragic impact it has on all the businesses of the world. The world has seen millions of confirmed cases and thousands of deaths, but fortunately, the globe is starting to re-start its day to day activities.

The gaming industry makes no exception, and it was extremely damaged by the lockdown measures and social distancing rules. The good news is that home isolation brought an impressive increase in the daily users for a wide majority of mobile games. It is said that the Apple Store and Google Play downloads have reached 13 billion installs all across the globe. In addition to this, the first quarter of 2020 brought an increase of 2 billion downloads bigger than the highest record ever registered back in 2019.

Apple Store downloads increased by 35% with around 3 billion downloads, while Google Play has experienced a boost by 38% with 10.3 billion downloads. Following the increase pattern, the first quarter of 2020 brought a considerable increase throughout the following months.

One of the biggest potential customers targeted by the gaming industry is India, the country that managed to bring more than 966 million downloads for the past month, as well as an increase of 29% in March and a boost by 92% in January.

One of the top competitors for the gaming sector is no other than PUBG Mobile, followed by Honor of Kings. The two games generated during the month of April around $225.2 million, respectively, $156 million. Other top performers include AFK Arena, Monster Strike, Gardenscapes, as well as Gran Order and Coin Master.

As far as the social apps are concerned, there has been an increased interest in these apps, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

This article was originally published on Games Industry.