Heart Disease Is The Primary Cause Of Death Among Women

A new study elaborated by American researchers has revealed that heart disease is the primary cause of death among American women. However, a surprisingly low number of women are aware of the fact or risks associated with heart disease.

Official statistics shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that one of five female deaths is associated with heart disease. Many women are unaware of the symptoms tied to heart attacks or heart strokes, as well as what needs to be done when such symptoms are observed.

Lower awareness

The study notes that a decline in knowledge can be observed in the case of women of all ages, with exceptions of senior women above the age of 65. It is also present across all racial and ethnic groups despite the fact that some face a higher risk of developing heart issues during their life.

Some might be surprised by the fact that heart attacks can have different symptoms in the case of women. Chest discomfort is encountered across both women and men, but nausea, dizziness, and cold sweats aren’t usually associated with heart disease.

Learning more

There are other symptoms that could be observed: unexpected pain or discomfort in the stomach region, one or both arms or the jaw, shortness of breath with or without chest pains, or an intense need to vomit. Heart disease among women tends to be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, high bad cholesterol levels, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive weight, and genetics.

It is advised to follow a healthy diet, exercise, drink a moderate amount of alcohol, and keep stress under control to minimize the appearance of the development of heart disease. Foods rich in saturated fats, added sugars, cholesterol or salt should be avoided, and those who smoke should quit the habit.

Even simple changes can make a difference, and it is always better to prevent potential health issues.