Hades Makes Death Fun

In most video games, death can be quite annoying, as you have to last from the latest checkpoint in the case of a regular video game or a fresh run when you are enjoying a roguelike title.

Death can come swiftly when you don’t pay attention to the environment, fail to dodge attacks from enemies, or are overwhelmed by the challenge. However, Hades manages to convert death into the chance to enjoy a fresh start and create a better build that can help you to be better at the game.

Death is merely a setback

Learning to play a new game can be quite challenging, especially in the case of roguelikes. Each run can be quite different as the maps will be different, enemies might be different, and there is no guarantee that you will manage to collect the items needed to face deadly bosses.

Each of the eight main weapons come with unique skills that favor particular types of gameplay and can be enhanced with impressive upgrades that make them even more powerful. Even if you find your favorite weapon from during the first runs, giving each of them a shot and lead to interesting results.

Permanent unlocks

Permanent upgrades make roguelikes worthwhile since each run will increase the chance to gain access to new items, skills, and tools that will make future runs easier as players have a higher chance to hit the end game.

These moments of pause will also let players interact with a cast of fun characters. As players roam the Underworld, they will gain help from many Olympian Gods in the form of powerful boons.  Video game critics and fans from all over the world have praised the titles, which enjoys an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam.

Hades is available on computers powered by Windows or macOs and the Nintendo Switch.