Hack London In Watch Dogs: Legion

The universe of Watch Dogs offers a grim alternate future that can sometimes feel closer to reality than it seems. Well-meaning governments decide to adopt ctOS, a city-wide security and surveillance system that can monitor citizens in real-time and anticipate potential crimes.

The stars of Watch Dogs games are DedSec, a group of hackers who work hard against the system and campaign for the dismissal of ctOS at an international level. The first two titles in the series did an excellent job at showing how ctOS could work in America, while the Legion takes players to London.

Big Brother is watching

Londoners seem to live a regular day-to-day life, but cameras, drones, and other devices are used by ctOS to keep them under surveillance and monitor every move that can be made.

DedSec tries once again to bring awareness related to the privacy-invading security system, but it is forced to go dark after being accused of terrorist attacks across the city. Players will have to harness their hacking skills and turn the system against the Albion corporation, which brought ctOS to London.

Press of a button

With the help of a smartphone, nearly all the electronic devices found in the game can be hacked, and their lots of interesting choices. Players can take over security cameras to learn about the positions of foes in advance, disable pesky alarms, trigger deadly traps and control weaponized spiderbots.

A major shift is represented by the possibility to control a diverse cast of characters, each with special skills that make them better at tackling a particular type of mission or activity. Some of the best recruits can be obtained after an area is liberated. Hostile citizens can also attempt to kidnap recruits if their actions affect them in a negative way.

With a massive open world, interesting story, and impressive graphics, Watch Dogs: Legion offers a memorable experience.