GTFO Has a New, Terrifying Monster and an Immersive Story

There are a lot of amazing features in GTFO, the freaky zombie shooter game. The enemies have an amazing design, and it is quite nerve-wracking to move past the monsters. The game, as if it was not scary enough already, is about to get even scarier. The Vessel, the latest GTFO update, is going to bring a brand new enemy for us to face. Old levels will be wiped, and a new set will be available for players to explore. To make it even better, it looks like the new environment has been inspired by Alien.

GTFO is a tactical FPS horror, and it is currently in the early access stage. Players descend into creepy labs infested by various creatures in order to grab items and information before trying to get back to safety. The game has been developed by the same game studio that created Payday, 10 Chambers Collective. Despite the game being in early access, we can say that it is very good.

GTFO is probably the best way to panic in groups of four since the release of Killing Floor. Personally, I would say that we are in for a lot more freaky stuff in The Vessel. The latest GTFO  trailer gives us a glimpse of the new monsters.

Just like the previous update, The Vessel wipes all the old Rundown levels, putting in their place an entirely new one. Along with the new enemies and the new location, The Vessel is going to add a bit to the lore of GTFO. Players will now have a better idea of why they are in a monster-infested lab, fighting for their lives just to get a bit of information. For the story, the developers have brought Adam Gascoine in their team, which has previously worked for Doom Eternal and the well-known The Last of Us.