GTA 6 Will Hit the Shelves Later than Expected. What Is to Do until then? Rockstar Games Has the Answer

Since GTA 6 will not be released any time soon, it is work checking a couple of other titles powered by Rockstar Games. A studio has recently been set up, aiming to create a brand-new game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The upcoming project is LightSpeed LA, whose leading producer is Steve Martin, a Rockstar Games veteran.

Martin has declared that his aim for this project is to create the perfect blend between a new era of game culture and a stress-free work environment. His primary objective is to develop the highest caliber game, his mission, including values such as integrity, collaboration, creativity, and proactivity.

Recent rumors state that when the game will be launched for the next generation consoles, it will be open-world focused. A revolutionary team composed of highly-trained personnel from Rockstar Games, 2K Games, Respawn Entertainment, and Insomniac has been hand-picked to work on the project carefully.

Bearing in mind the predicted time span until GTA 6 will be released, there is every chance that LightSpeed LA will hit the big screens earlier than that. While current industry predictions suggest a 2022 release date, it is highly probable that the project will be available only after the beginning of 2023.

During the PlayStation 5 event powered by Sony, Rockstar Games has announced that they are planning on making the adventures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor available to the broad public by the middle of 2021. The improvements of GTA 6 include a series of visual enhancements, better performance that would use the potential of the latest hardware components available, and an improved responsiveness rate.

In addition to this, Rockstar officials have promised that GTA 6 will receive a more significant number of updates on a regular basis. The GTA Online content exclusives are currently under development and will be available both to PC users and to the new consoles.