GTA 6 Screenshot Provokes Heated Debates

If you ever feel like getting caught in a heated debate, start talking about GTA 6.

There are so many rumors about this game in the world of gaming that it almost feels like they are based on official data. A new screenshot of the game made its way online, and, as you might have imagined, provoked controversy.

Many people say that it’s just a fake image.

However, even though the image might be fake, gamers were quick to start making comments for and against it, and both sides have pertinent arguments.

The Image

An interesting pic making its way around twitter, some saying it matches the Miami skyline others saying it’s gta V modded.. from r/GTA6

The newly posted image showed very little detail but still lit up a fire in the community.

It contains a city skyline during sunset. Most details are missing from the shot, but the aspect that puzzled everyone is the watermarked Rockstar logo.

The watermarked Rockstar logo is the main reason behind all of the arguments.

Gamers are wondering if the picture is genuine, and somebody managed to snatch it and reveal it online. However, if that is the case, we can’t help but wonder why the picture is so blurry.

Effect In The Community

Though there is no valid reason to believe that the image is an actual in-game screenshot, fans choose to believe that it is indeed an original image because they are so eager for the next Grand Theft Auto release. In their opinion, seeing such pictures with the Rockstar logo on them is a sign that the version of GTA 6 is close.

Unfortunately, that is but a sad assumption since Rockstar made no official announcement of the game.

Possible Explanation

Some say that the picture is just a heavily edited image of Miami. That is relevant because it’s supposed that the next GTA game will be set in Vice City, which is just Rockstar’s way of saying “Miami.”