GTA 6 Might Feature Children NPCs

The Grand Theft Auto universe is known to lack children, but the next installment of the franchise, GTA 6, might introduce kids to the game’s world with some design workarounds to avoid certain criticism.

Current Status

The open-world style of Grand Theft Auto is known for its increased violence and the way it parodies real cities, but there are still some details that seem a bit off, including the fact that there are no children in the game.

You might be wondering why there are no children in the GTA universe.

Rockstar has a very good reason for not including younglings in the game. The gameplay of GTA games is famous for its permissivity.

The game’s focus is ignoring laws and social norms to do crime willingly, so it’s not the kind of atmosphere people would like to see children around.

Though it’s a seemingly trivial detail, it has provoked lots of controversy over the years in the GTA community.

Therefore, Rockstar will analyze if there is a way of implementing children NPCs in-game without allowing other NPCs s or players to run them over with cars or manifest violence towards them.

The Backdoor

However, underage NPCs don’t necessarily have to be killable for the game to feel more realistic.

You might argue that invincible children are a work of imagination and have no place in a game like GTA, but so does the ghost of Mount Gordo from GTA 5, yet it’s still there.

Rockstar will probably find a creative way of populating the streets of the city/cities where the action of the upcoming title will take place in a less gruesome way.

However, that concept isn’t exactly new in gaming. Titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim feature unkillable children that don’t affect the game’s evolution for any reason, though they are annoying at times.