GTA 6 Might Be A Next-Gen Exclusive, As Per Rumors

We might witness a GTA 6 release event somewhere this year or not. But, what are the chances to see the title as a PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusive? Rockstar’s apparently inevitable GTA 6 confirmation has been creating quite the fuzz on the Internet.

With no accurate information about GTA 6, most rumors about the game so far have focused on its setting and plot. For example, GTA 6’s setup is speculated to be a Vice City crossover, a Miami inspiration.

The famous “Project Americas” speculation suggests the game will switch between Vice City and a new location-based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Other reports indicate that GTA 6 could be able to span a lot of periods. However, because we don’t have a confirmation yet, all these rumors seem too good to be true, while others hope for more.

The GTA 6 Chances to be a PS5 and Xbox Series X Exclusive

Grand Theft Auto 5 launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in September 2013, only two months before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released in November. Such an event made Rockstar to ‘double dip,’ urging players to repurchase the game when it launched on the latest systems in November 2014, and once again in April 2015 on PC.

Unless the next installment series from Rockstar follows a distinct marketing strategy then its two last launches (GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2), it’s doubtful GTA 6 will develop the same plan. It could be launched before the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s holiday 2020 launch windows

Still, Rockstar advertises it tomorrow. A recent report, however, forecasts GTA 6 could launch next year, after the consoles’ arrival. It could, as well, see a delayed PC launch, similar to GTA 5.