GTA 5 Online Update: 3x Money for Stockpile Missions, Discounts, and More

Playing GTA 5 remains one of the best methods to test your gaming skills. Although it’s seven years old, the latest Grand Theft Auto title is in the top 3 best selling games of all time. Furthermore, the chances are huge that GTA 5 won’t come down from that position in the near future. The explanation is simple: the blockbuster game has pretty much everything a gamer can wish: tons of diversified action, compelling story, and mind-blowing graphics.

But even so, the developers of the famous game keep improving it, especially the online version (aka GTA Online). Another weekly update arriving Monday brings what the fans are already used to for plenty of time: more bonuses, discounts, and a car that you can win by trying your luck at the casino: Deluxo.

Smugglers Run reloaded

You could say that GTA Online is going back in time to bring back some content from the Smugglers Run update. Rockstar details to us what that update means:

“GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run – With a name that’s a nod to an early classic from the Rockstar Games catalog, Smuggler’s Run opens up the air corridors above Los Santos and Blaine County, providing new business opportunities while introducing a range of planes, choppers and even ultralights as highly viable options for transporting criminal cargo across the state – simultaneously opening up some creative new methods of dispatching any rival gangs along the way.”

While we would like to know more about what Rockstar prepares for the GTA Online players, we do have some precise info.


These are the discounts for the weekly update that arrives next week:

  • 60% off for P-996 Lazer – $2,600,000
  • 50% off for Deveste Eight- $897,500
  • 50% off for Schlagen GT – $650,000
  • 50% off for Buzzard – $875,000
  • 60% off for Hangars
  • 60% discount for Hangar Renovations


For the upcoming week, players will benefit from a generous offer of bonuses in GTA Online:

3x GTA$ & RP on –

  • Top Fun versus missions
  • Stockpile Adversary Mode
  • Air Force Zero versus missions

2x GTA$ & RP on –

  • Air Freight Cargo missions

Added Bonus:

  • Complete 10 daily objectives by 16/4 and you’ll receive a beer hat + GTA$1,000,000

Time Trial: Cypress Flats

RC Time Trial: Little Seoul

Premium Race: Cutting Coroners

GTA 5 never seems to get obsolete and our bet is that it won’t lose its tremendous popularity even after GTA 6 comes out.