Great Microsoft Flight Simulator Tips

The latest release of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator places the sky of the entire world at your disposal, offering a fascinating experience as you soar towards your destination. Veterans of the franchise will feel right at home, but newcomers will make great use of the tips found below.

Finish the tutorials

As the name may infer, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a fully-featured flying simulator, and there are lots of things that need to be done before you hit the skies. The essential information is delivered in a fun and easy-to-understand manner in the Flight Training sections.

The right plane for you needs

Propeller planes are the first type of plane offered by the game and are present extensively in the Flight Training section. They come with slow speeds and can fly at low altitudes, which makes them a solid choice if you wish to explore urban environments.

Turboprops can fly faster and higher and are a great middle choice between propeller plans and jet-based airplanes. They can be used to cover large distances between area. Airliners and Jets are best when you wish to fly across large distances without the need to worry about fuel reserves.

Make use of Active Pause

Active Pause is a novel feature that allows pilots to stop the airplane and take a look around with the press of a button. Press the button again, and the flight will resume in a seamless manner.

Play with the ATC settings

Checking out ATC options is a great way to make the experience more immersive by receiving fun or useful radio messages. For example, if you use a word for your call, sign radio messages may contain the entire word, which makes the experience more personal. Letters and numbers can also be added to your tail numbers for a little extra flair.

Enjoy your flights!