Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date – Sooner Than Previously Thought Thanks To A Rumor

A recent rumor is claiming that a spike in Take-Two’s marketing budget translated to a 2024 release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been analyzed by experts.

Though GTA 6 hasn’t been announced by Rockstar yet, some sources confirmed that it is the company’s next game in development.

Grand Theft Auto is a hugely successful franchise – GTA V is the second-best-selling game of all time, being surpassed only by Minecraft, and it was labeled as the most valuable piece of media in history.

Almost seven years have passed since the initial release of GTA 5, and Rockstar hasn’t shown any glimpse of a highly anticipated sequel to the game.

Many rumors about the release date of the game have been posted online, but since there is so little data to back them up, they mostly fall under the shadow of uncertainty.

The Rumor

A report from Inverse analyzes the newest rumor that originated in Take-Two’s marketing budget.

Indeed, the spike in marketing for the 2024 fiscal year could be a sign of the release of a big title la Grand Theft Auto VI, the marketing’s target isn’t relevant to Rockstar.

The marketing rumor is an extra reason for third-party companies to commit.

Since Rockstar is an internal studio of Take-Two, any marketing on their behalf wouldn’t necessarily be reflected in that spike.

However, if we were to believe some insider, the release date of GTA VI might be sooner than 2024, sometime between 2022 and mid-2023.

Take-Two has promised sequels for its biggest franchises to investors, but that could easily be interpreted as continuing franchises like NBA 2K and BioShock.

One of the reasons why GTA VI takes so much to be released is that the GTA V community is still extremely active. Rockstar is still earning considerable profit from GTA 5, thanks to its online service, GTA Online.