Goro Akechi Crow is Now an Action Figure

Goro Akechi, also known under the codename Crow, is part of the Persona 5 world. He is praised by fans as the second arrival of the detective prince and is examining the strange Phantom Thieves of Hearts event sensationalizing Japan.

Unlike most other significant boss attacks in the game, Akechi is reasonably candid and doesn’t have a lot of tricks or hight enough substance to keep a fight for too long. Most of his action patterns are pretty much predictable and narrow, letting the person outwit him with specific techniques.

Being so popular, Akechi will be soon turned into an action figure, to fans’ excitement. So, you’ll finally be able to have the character on your desired shelf, posed as you like best.

Goro Akechi Introduced as the Latest Action Figure

Good Smile is the company that will turn Akechi into an action figure. The item will display Akechi’s alter ego, the Crow, and SF345, and Naoki Satou designed it. It is currently available to pre-order it, and you can also find it on the Ami Ami website. The action figure is 6,390 yen, meaning it is almost $58! The launch period is hugely fair, and fans can get Akechi until October 2020.

“The smooth yet posable Figma joints allow you to ct out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising possibility,” reads an excerpt of the full description.

The action figure is also coming with three face plates, such as a smiling face, a confident one, and a sneering face. Akechi got even his ray gun and laser saber, along with a different hair section to model him with his mask and a chess piece. If Persona 5 is one of your favorite games so far and you genuinely enjoy its characters, make sure not to miss this sleek item!