Google Warns Users to Not Install Android 11

Google users that are currently running the latest stable version of Android not to install the preview builds of Android 11 on their smartphones. This preview build, called QQ3A.200605.001, which was launched at the beginning of June 2020, but only for users of the Google Pixel device.

Google is actually urging its customers not to install the developer builds of the upcoming Android 11 since it could have a lot of consequences for the phones themselves. On the Android Developers blog, Google warned that if you install the Developer 4 Preview on a device that is currently running Android June 10, 2020, update, the QQ3A.200605.001 build, the sideloading DP4 OTA images found on the page will not load properly and could end up causing device issues. Google recommended that, if you want to install Developer Preview 4, you should flash an image from the downloads page.

In order to flash an image, you need to wipe your phone entirely, rather than update. This keeps all the compatible installed apps and the files intact. Initially, Google was due to release the public beta of Android 11 this week. The launch was, however, delayed in response to the events in the U.S.A. In a recent statement, Google mentioned that the company is excited to tell the consumers more about Android 11, but current events mean that now is not a good time for celebration. The event and the beta release have been postponed until June 3. The company also mentioned that they would be back with more information about Android 11.

Android 11 is going to bring a lot of features to users. These include 4K video streaming and improved security. The company will probably tell us what other features there are upon the announcement of the beta version. This is expected to happen before the end of June.