Google Stadia Might Face Powerful Competitors in the Future

Google is gearing up to release Stadia, the anticipated video games cloud streaming service, in less than two weeks. Stadia will be the first service of this type, which is offered by a major company, as several smaller competitors are already present on the market.

Some publishers have already offered exclusive titles for the platform, and many sources anticipate that the service will attract a large number of customers when it is widely available. A staggered roll-out will begin on November 19 when the platform will be available for those who bought the Founder’s Edition or plan to acquire a Stadia Pro subscription.

Among the launch titles, we can count heavy-hitters like Mortal Kombat and Red Dead Redemption 2, two of the most popular games in recent times. It will be interesting to see how RDR2 will work on Stadia as the game was recently released on PC with a few bugs, and many players complain about annoying crashes.

At this point, Google enjoys a clear advantage reputation is involved, but new rivals plan to enter the field in the following months, and some of them may offer viable alternatives.

According to a recent report, it seems that Valve is interested in cloud gaming as a few interesting details have been spotted in the code of a Steam update. It seems that developers will have to read and agree with the Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum, a clear reference to Valve’s interest in adding cloud gaming as an option in the future.

It is important to note that Valve is no stranger to the technology as it already offers users the option to streamline their games across a large selection of devices, but the feature is tied to the need to own a gaming PC or laptop.

It is also important to note that Nvidia, EA, and Microsoft are also working on their cloud gaming services.