Google Play Store Now Shows Downloads, App Ratings, and App Size In The Search Results

If it were by Google, it would develop things synced with our brain signals. Convenience is also a way to go when it comes to the company. We witness convenience being favored on the updates Snapshot or Google Now, as a recent Android Police stated. Now, Google has made some modifications to its Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Got Updated

Previously, when we wanted to install an app, we had to select the tab open to find out the download size, the average ratings, and the devs info. Such things are essential and help us a lot when we want to verify the authenticity and the functionality of an app. But isn’t all of that maximizing the utility of time? The thing was to allow users to download an app in only a few clicks.

To solve the issue, Google has developed a few updates. The change is that we can now see three main stuff in the search results. These comprise the App Rating, Downloads, and the App size. The statistics offer enough information before downloading an app. So, we have more utility for the entire process.

The New Google Play Store Changes Are A Bit Confusing For Some Users

For users who don’t want to utilize their full data plan on downloading, they’re saved now. Not choosing to use your data plans is your choice and a wise one sometimes. The latest Google update allows you to verify first the info about an app size. So, be sure to check the app size and then decide if it’s worth the downloading. The new update will sure do everything more straightforward.

Currently, the company is rolling the Google Play Store update, and it’s still a little bit confusing. Some users, for example, can see only the app ratings and downloads, while others can see app size, too. The location of the respective users can be the reason.