Google Play Store Dark Mode Is Now Available Android 5 and Newer

Google has recently announced that Play Store turns dark as the newest feature arrives for Android 5 or higher. Before, the Dark Mode on the Play Store was available only for Android 10 devices. The feature doesn’t need a particular update as it is activated automatically by Google.

The Dark Mode Feature Hits the Google Play Store

News about Google bringing the Dark Mode to Android 10 across all its core features and apps, such as Gmail, took the Play Store by storm now. The Dark Mode arrived before Android 10 was released. While the Google Play Store received the feature with Android 10, the rollout wasn’t widespread. Such a thing meant that not every Android device got access to the new mode for the Play Store.

But, that annoying thing changes now because Google announced that all Android 5 and higher devices could get the Dark Mode. Unfortunately, the only bother is that there’s still no way for the Play Store to modify it automatically. Users will have to access the Play Store Settings and activate the Dark Mode manually.

Dark Mode Options and Other Details

The Dark Mode feature comes with some sleek options and functions. First, you will notice right away an inversion of colors from white to black. The accent colors will stay the same for Games, Play Movies, and others as well. Such a thing means that you’ll now get a new “Theme” function in the Play Store Settings, where you can choose to return to the factory settings whenever you want.

Or, you can easily select other options such as “Set by battery saver.” These functions let you keep the Dark Mode on the Google Play Store even if the default theme is established to something different. You don’t have to download a particular update for installing the Dark Mode. Google has activated such a mode on a server level.